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some practice stuff for my commission list. 

my second attempt at pixels. 

Of course the lovely 488 was the subject. 



There will only be 10 designs this week since the majority of responses said that they agreed with having just ten designs picked. Thank you everyone for submitting. -Arkie


He hadn’t wholly expected the demon around his neck to cooperate, but here they were. Here they floated above everything, watching the sun rise bit by bit above the horizon and stain the clouds in colors he hadn’t imagined would be this vivid. That was two surprises, and the morning had barely begun.

He was afraid. He was afraid that the demon would stop extending assistance, and with only one wing he knew he was doomed to fall. He was afraid of the height he was at without that worry in the back of his mind; he’d never been here before. He felt strange— as if his head was filled with the clouds around him, as if his feet were left hanging in midair, as if he was held up by nothing. It was true.

He had shed his boots before ascending, leaving behind the grounded feeling they gave him. He’d stretched his toes as his wing and the demon’s had worked in perfect harmony— a tough feeling to get used to, but soon it had almost come naturally. Floating up here, it sure seemed natural to him. Everything did. It occurred to him for a moment tht the thin air might be severely affecting his head, that he needed to descend soon, so he took one last look at the clouds around him, looking so solid he could touch them.

He reached out, knowing in his head that they were just drops of water, nothing tangible, nothing he could feel, but his heart insisted that he try. And as his hand passed through the orange-stained puff like it was nothing, he wished for the first time that the weights wrapped to his arms weren’t there. If they were gone, he felt, he could float off into the sky and never touch the ground again.

okay yeah im doing that 30 day challenge for fanpro because what better way to get back into something than to think about it every day for a month, yeah? ahhahahaha

  1. Into! Draw your favourite fanpro and a little something about why.

#0263 is my favorite because of the scarf
im not even kidding im basically in love with any characters wearing scarves and this one just as so much to it! like that scarf has a mouth on it plus that hat has eyes and there’s a lot to be imagined from that, which is why i choose this one over all the other fanpros with scarves.

im just ;;; last time i was really into it it was barely in the 300s and im slightly overwhelmed by how much more there is wowie. i dont even know how to participate in fandoms i just doodle sometimes ahahaha ;;;
askgod-chan askgod-chan Said:

It can seem daunting at first but here a few things which can help you slowly get into these things again: 

  • Of course take your time going through the designs first to catch up, the randomize tends to be a good place to look them up. 
  • here’s a 30 day challenge you can try: just pick fanpro that you like and draw or write about them.
  • fanpro wiki: use that to find or make head cannons for fanpros you like.
  • another challenge: playtimepro if you need another thing to do.
  • of course create designs to be submitted to the main fanpro blog
  • Sometimes I do fanpro art trades with anyone in the fandom who are interested, just make a post in the fandom tag and I’m sure someone will be interested sooner or later.
  • perhaps helping out the fanpro 1k wish project, helping out in one of the community projects is a good way to get involved
  • become a mod for the fanpro fan fiction blog
  • Ask questions or interact with the fanpro ask blogs, some blogs are doing events which you can take part in such cross 0 household event. 
  • you can always make an ask blog yourself or make a fanpro related side blog, like some others. eg.fanpro fanarts
  • draw random fanpro using randomizer.
  • Of course create anything using the fanpro characters ,such as comics, illustrationsmerchandise and music.
  • you can maybe hold a small community event if your able??

I pretty sure there are more but hopefully that can start you off in getting more active in the fandom.Please don’t be afraid to ask me if you have more questions or I should explain it better.  


i need somebody to talk to me about fanpro so i can get back into it

i am so upset i stopped paying attention to it in the first place send me asks or something



you did it!!!!

you made it through the week!!!!

i’m so proud of you!!!!



Want to get back in the fanpro spirit, but don’t know how?

  1. Pick a song you like and find the playtime for it.
  2. Look up the fanpro that matches that playtime (eg. 3 minutes and 41 seconds = fanpro design 341).
  3. Draw that fanpro doing something related to that song.

For extra fun:

  • Put playlist on shuffle and draw for whatever song comes up.
  • Draw only in the amount of time it takes for the song to finish.

Tag whatever you create as “playtimepro” so everyone can see and join in on the fun!


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I made a slideshow about how to create a fictional character… I got most of the information from the ‘start writing fiction’ (free) course on the OpenUniversity website and found it incredibly useful so here’s a visual version for you :)

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