bitch I'm god chan i do whatever i want!!

why hello!
My name is god chan but you may also call me GC too.
please feel free to ask ,roleplay or socialize with me in anyway.
You may also ask rosemary something also.
you are all welcome except 96.
96 can f*** off for all I care.
(96 ask blogs can still talk to me)
i am happy to interact with anyone from any fandoms and OCs too!
i'm also the creator of 276 so feel free to use in anyway and i will be happy to promote it for you!
+ refs blog
(as of new years godchan will be away while her son suresha takes over for a while)
the goods


Drew this on my 3DS last night.

Magnum is my excuse for drawing ripped torsos.

drawing animation can be viewed here!


(( (\ ; w ; /) ))


(( (\ ; w ; /) ))

I did a dumb doodle on death using 17 as the main character.

I been thinking about death a lot lately and I think i’m finally learning to accept it as a part of life. 


also re: steven universe- once the episodes start again on august 21st, there are NO BREAKS or hiatuses til the finale!!

Is that for just season 2 or all 85 episodes? 

(via gemsona-week)


the fandom has spoken

we want baras


((ye ok done and on to the next.))

Petition to have next gen only consists of baras

they can be based on anything but must consists of baras

just a whole generation of baras. 


Hello again everyone!

We hope you have a bunch of ideas saved up, because we’re returning to regular submissions this week!

First, we have some quick announcements.

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but 17 in a ponytail tho 

but 17 in a ponytail tho 

An idea for a print, which I’m probably clean up more and make it available on my redbubble. 

gonna finally name little one, she’s now called Namid which means star dance in native american. 

(but i’m still gonna call her little one)

ahh the download is gonna take a whole day :c

I gave in and downloaded sims 2

I am weak.


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