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Asker ask0942 Asks:
!*>~~? (Okay, so then.. whats a mom?)
askgod-chan askgod-chan Said:


A mother is someone who loves and cherishes you now matter what, you don’t have to be her birth child, heck you don’t even need to be the same species as her or for them to be of any particular gender, you can still call her mom. 

moms protect you, care for you,make you laught when your sad, make you feel important and are your best friends when you’re all alone. moms are tough cookies too, they gotta keep a firm hand to make sure their kids become decent beings and they have to go through all crap that you can sometimes dish out and still be forgiving later. Most moms should be accepting of you no matter what and are proud of you no matter what you do. 

But most of all moms are goddesses in their own right , the embodiment of maternal and agape love, how do you think they can handle all that responsibility while still being total baes.

of course there are those who do not deserve to be called mother and I deal with them personally


Remember when I was obsessed with my fanpro OC Magnum and actually had time to run an askblog


Remember when I was obsessed with my fanpro OC Magnum and actually had time to run an askblog

God-chan would be a Red Mage, Sura Sura would be a White Mage. Hmm Little One would be a dark mage and the Big One would be Magic Knight
askgod-chan askgod-chan Said:

as always waifu is on point!

all the fanpros wants some hot steamy magnum hotdog in their mouth

You haven’t lived until you had some hot magnum hotdogs your mouth yo and god chan is given that experience to the rest of fanpro

imagine a fanpro BBQ party and Magnum is being all manly grilling the food and godchan approach him and dump this huge magnum sausage on the grill like nobody’s business.

now everyone can have a little bit of magnum inside of them. 

btw I found a brand of hot dogs named “Magnum Sausage”.

Omg I need to find images of this, imagine talking about that.

"Hey you want some magnam sausage"

"Nah I had my fill last night"

"Are you sure, they’re crispy and chewy!"

" why the fuck would you like your dick crispy and chewy! "

" …..I…I meant the the actual food."

Asker Anonymous Asks:
askgod-chan askgod-chan Said:

she tries her best yo but it’s hard piloting a babe all day.  (jking)

magnum would like this

magnum would like a lot of the things that I would do to him. 

is that her nipple showing in the bottom pic

omg I didn’t see that until you pointed it out……..

it can be whatever you want it to be I guess

Asker Anonymous Asks:
god chan is an npc
askgod-chan askgod-chan Said:

No adventurer will get pass me without try the “goodies”.


He’s still Benji!

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