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the goods

on one hand I’m sad that me bby lost 

but on the overhand

I won.


A little blue fanpro runs around serving drinks and doughnuts to the excited crowd. The first battle was over and everyone was even more pumped and rearing to go! After a bit of cleanup on the dirt filled stage, the next two contestants are called out to the open.

"Our next battle will be between contestants, Sir Benji and Miss Infinity!" The two walk out closing the space between them until they we’re just a few meters apart. The two nodded their heads in acknowledgment at each other. "We wish you both the best of luck!” Pristine finishes just as the first firework is launched above them.


Benji bounces on his heels playfully trying to put on an act. His aim was to win, reaching the top, and have his little one on one with Eddie. Though. He was fighting Infinity. Even with the level cap he cant help but feel at a loss. He stops bouncing and stares at her warily he could not let it stop here.



Infinity only acknowledged the little doll for being her opponent but she raises her chin at him with eyes half open staring the apparently giddy little Benji down. Her sadistic nature beginning to show through a slight smile. This was going to be fun. She felt lucky for her out of character decision to join. She cracks her whip. “2…”

BANG!!! “1-“

Benji, instantly serious, goes for a swift forward grab throwing his arm out towards Infinity. She cracks her whip again, she could have easily used it at the boy flying straight at her but she uses her Chaos Empowerment to both strengthen herself and to allow Benji to fly right into the line of fire of the attack. It creates a dark godly glow around her effecting all that comes into contact with it, normally it would seriously harm, but thankfully with the level cap Benji is still able to stand as he runs right into it before stumbling back out.

Benji does his best to shake off the Chaos Empowerment but it really did a good deal on him. He looks back up at her with unfocused eyes and an unsteady stance. Infinity snickers. Benji, though wobbly, manages to lunge forward again and this time he reaches Infinity, her attack dying down. Infinity gasps, surprised by the quick recovery. He manages to get a hold of her leg and takes a monstrous bite down on her thigh.

Infinity gasps a second time even louder, overtaken with shock by Benji, the generally playful little soldier, resilience. Benji’s teeth manage to sink into her leg enough that blood drips onto his face and down her leg. Infinity clicks her tongue with irritation. After a few moment of trying to pry him off, she then suddenly drops her hands to her side and speaks, her voice somehow changed, to someone familiar, to a certain robot.

"Benji, please that hurts.." Infinity plays a dirty little trick and pleas in Eddies voice. Benji eyes widen.

The development only excites Benji further though and he clamps down harder than he already was, keeping a strong hold on the level capped god. Infinity falls over stunned Benji was still attached to her leg. 

She eyes him angrily and with whip still in hand lifts it. It comes down with full strength onto the boy causing him to spazz a little at every lash. Eventually he lets go and rolls off before another lash comes down. Infinity pauses to look at her leg. The muscles obviously pierced. She snaps her head from it to Benji with a glare.

Benji was on his hands and knees lifting himself up. His clothes we’re torn from the domination whip and his body obviously harmed underneath. Benji’s mouth dripped with the gods blood as he flicks his hands outwards in front of him, the dark claws sharpening at the ends. Benji then summons multiple shadow familiars to the battle field, them each taking their dark forms around him, soon surrounding his enemy.

Infinity stands up, leaning on her good leg. Even with hot smoking heels, she was not going to stay down for the count. Though, her whip remained forgotten on the dirt floor. She slowly lifts her head as she hear a battle cry.


Benji leans forward before bursting at full speed towards her. His shadow claws already placed in front of him. His shadow fimiliars following suit in the same style. Everyone began to close in at a point, that point being Infinity.

But just as they all were seconds in to reaching her, she holds her hands out, Benji’s claws rip into them and uses her strength to grab onto him. She then fluidly swings his momentum around before finally pulling him above her before dropping to the floor herself. Benji’s shadow familiars reach their destination.

…It happened all so quick within seconds. The crowd was in awe by the scene that no one said a thing. And there was a good amount of blood making its way to the floor as the host quickly took the microphone and announced the battle over.

The medics took both away quickly. “The winner is Miss Infinity!” The host announces, and you could see a smirk on the god as shes leaves for the infirmary. Benji, carted away, simply looks up to a blurry sky.

ok this ones a lot smoother


since it’s late gonna outline tomorrow…

Ok god bless pyxel edit

it recovered my animation

doing a combat animation for suraksha

but then pyxel crashed

this was all that was left



Sometimes there are no words

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Me waiting for Battlepro results:


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i made myself a visual help for who is fighting who in the next days so im sharing with you

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I’m not saying I will own your ass


I like my coffee black and my biscuits sweet


45 versus Fox.


45 is too perfect I don’t want this ;A;

make sure to take the shirt off first

So first battles for me are:

infinity vs benji (ahahah)

god chan vs eddie (hahaha)

suraksha vs izzy (???)

In the old days god chan used to be called killerkicks due to her all kicks fighting style. 

askfanpro416 replied to your photo:Stretching for battle….

((..I want there to be a moment where your 670 goes against my 670. Starry Night aw ye.))

heck yeah!


Decided to make Magnum more bara
Magnum isn’t sure about the sudden butt size though.


Decided to make Magnum more bara

Magnum isn’t sure about the sudden butt size though.