bitch I'm god chan i do whatever i want!!

why hello!
My name is god chan but you may also call me GC too.
please feel free to ask ,roleplay or socialize with me in anyway.
You may also ask rosemary something also.
you are all welcome except 96.
96 can f*** off for all I care.
(96 ask blogs can still talk to me)
i am happy to interact with anyone from any fandoms and OCs too!
i'm also the creator of 276 so feel free to use in anyway and i will be happy to promote it for you!
+ refs blog
(as of new years godchan will be away while her son suresha takes over for a while)
the goods
ahhhh yeahhh

ahhhh yeahhh

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    I like that his pecs fits perfectly in the corset bra.
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